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Since the BCSO is not able at this time to share live performances with our community, we are pleased to share with you our personal stories and why playing in this orchestra is so meaningful to us.

One of the unique aspects of the BCSO is our foundation as a community orchestra, filled with many musicians who have not pursued careers in music, but who have found playing with their fellow music lovers to be both a relaxing and stimulating experience week after week.

We hope you enjoy this series of short video presentations and personal anecdotes in which players express how their passion for music intersects their professional and personal lives.

Please visit this site regularly for the latest video and narrative postings. We hope that you find our musicians’ messages to be enlightening and inspiring.

Personal Anecdotes by Inna Nedorezov and Barry Bilowitz

Two BCSO musicians share their personal experiences.

Personal Anecdotes by Walker Haines and Noelle Casella Grand

BCSO cello players share their personal experiences as musicians.

Personal Anecdotes by Steve Kyle and Josh Hadfield

BCSO bass players share their personal experiences as musicians.

Personal Anecdotes by Jim McIlvaine

A BCSO French horn player shares his personal experiences as a musician.

Personal Anecdotes by Susan Hansen and Carly Lewis

Two BCSO violinists share their personal experiences as musicians.

Message from Josh Hadfield

Josh Hadfield, a BCSO double bass player for nine years, is an information technology consultant.

Message from Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson, BCSO’s timpanist and principal percussionist since 2009, is a Medicare sales manager.

Message from Susan Hansen

Susan Hansen, BCSO violinist for six years, is a licensed clinical social worker.

Message from Andy Duff

Andy Duff, a BCSO cellist, has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years.

Message from Matt Giannini

Matt Gianinni, a BSCO cellist for two years, had a successful career as a health care management administrator prior to his retirement.

Message from Kim Van Heygen

Kim Van Heygen, a BCSO violinist for 15 years, is a lawyer who loves legal writing and recently had an appeal make it all the way to the PA Supreme Court.

A special message from our Music Director

Gary Fagin has been the Music Director of the BCSO for 19 seasons.


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